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The coding and the skin for my blog's website were completed by Mario a few years ago. He had worked relentlessly to get the features as I wanted to have them and helps me out with any coding matter that arises.

Since then, I have enjoyed writing and publishing short and longer posts, in different categories. Many of you have also provided me with constructive comments/feedback and thus assisted me on this journey.

Being an avid learner and always scientifically curious, I still look forward to your constructive messages and notes for "It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others" - Michel de Montaigne, French Renaissance philosopher and writer.

Feel free to browse across the sections/categories and send me comments and suggestions by email or through any other platform. Happy reading :)

Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa...


On my different trips, I obviously visited Rio de Janeiro. More than once.

While it is not my favorite spot in Brazil, the city has a lot to offer.

Read on to find out more!

The Code Book


By Simon Singh, narrated by Patty Nieman

10 hours 27 min

The Araucaria Tree


Also known as the Paraná tree, the Araucaria is the city tree of Curitiba in Brazil.

It is a conifer that is native to the South of Brazil and can also be found in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Read on to discover more about this endangered species!

Curitiba, Another Stop On My Brazilian Tour


When one says Curitiba, Brazil, our mind immediately goes to the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

But the city is brim of things to do and explore.

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Celosia Argentea, Aka The Cockscomb


It's officially fall and the seasonal flowers are slowly withering.

In this post, I look into the Cock's comb, of which I had planted several this summer.

Read on for care tips, different uses, and significance...

En Route For The Dubai Of Brazil


My Santa Catarina state tour wouldn't have been complete if I hadn't made a stop at Balneário Camboriú.

So here I am making good use of the night I spent there.

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Orchid Care 101


Caring for an orchid should be straightforward.

But at times it is not!

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Santa Catarina, Brazil


The state of Santa Catarina in Brazil offers a lot, from beaches to wilderness, and all in a very European flare.

In this post, I will share pictures of the Italian and Germanic tours I took over a few days.

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The Treasure Flower


The treasure flower blooms in different vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Read on to find out how to care for it.

And what it symbolizes...

Nova Petropolis And Bento Gonçalves


Another historic town that I had to visit... and it led me to other explorations.

Read on to find out why.

And how I discovered a unique tour that I enjoyed a lot too!

Radiant Minds: The World of Oliver Sacks


By Greenlawn Drive Productions, Audiation, Oliver Sacks Foundation, narrated by Indre Viskontas

Audible Podcast - 9 episodes

Caring For Your Passion Fruit


I love the passion fruit! And it is not a common fruit in our markets. So I decided to plant one in my garden.

And as with many things, this experience was forged by trial and error.

Read on to learn how to grow it, care for it, and more!