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The coding and the new skin for this website are definitely completed...

I am so relieved and thankful to Mario who worked relentlessly to get the features as I wanted to have them. Now I can say: "Hello world! Hop along and let's have some fun!!"

Being an avid learner and always scientifically curious, I will hence be looking forward to your constructive messages and notes for "It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others" - Michel de Montaigne, French Renaissance philosopher and writer.

Feel free to browse across the sections / categories and send me comments and suggestions by email or through any other platform. Happy reading :)

Digger Wasps In Your Soil


What are digger wasps?

Do they sting?

Are they harmful?

How do we control them? And is it a necessary action to take?

Read on to find out more.

10-Min Tiramisu


Time for a popular dessert that takes literaly no time to be prepared.

Salivating already?

Read on for the details.

Basic Gardening Tips - Part 5


Have you heard of the farmer's almanac?

It has to do with gardening, and also much more!

Read on to discover this topic, if you don't know about it yet.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


I finally got myself to make pizza with no flour.

It was easy to prepare.

For the recipe, click read more!

Basic Gardening Tips - Part 4


Today, I'm going to look into soil quality.

What for?

Read on to find out!

Vegetable Curry


I was given this recipe because I love curries.

You know by now that I rarely follow the steps as outlined when I cook.

The following is my concoction

Basic Gardening Tips - Part 3


Today, I'm writing about my seeding trials.

It is highly gratifying when you see the first bud come out of the soil!

So let's make sure you create such a joyful experience. 

Spaetzle, My Way


This is a dish from the Alps, that I customized to fit my taste.

Feel like savoring it in a slightly different way?

Read on!

The Batman


Released on March 2022

Basic Gardening Tips - Part 2


The first thing I checked when I was set to plant new flowerbeds and create some new design for the landscape of my small garden was my blue barrel.

What for? I see you raising your eyebrow...

Because for more than a year, I had been collecting my organic food waste in it.

How is that of any relevance to my gardening activities?

Read on to find out more!

Spring Fresh Salad


It's getting hot for the season.

Let's enjoy garden freshness!

Read on for the customizable recipe.