Palindrome Day

Sunday, February 2, 2020

It is possible to read a palindrome the same backward and forward. We are familiar with simple words like "civic", "madam" or "wow" and sentences like "Top spot" or "Don't nod". A former Cambodian Minister's name was Lon Nol and some sentences can also be read as palindromes: First ladies rule the State and state the rule: ladies first. Historically, palindrome is derived from the Greek "palin" meaning back and "dromos" for direction and probably refers to the backward movement of the crab.

When it comes to palindrome dates, the last occurrence was on 11.11.1111, which is many centuries ago. The next one will happen ... in the third millenium and so today is quite a special day. It reads the same in both the MM/DD/YYYY and the DD/MM/YYYY formats... and to my dismay, it is all made of even numbers. Yikes! Ok ok. You don't have to be repelled by even numbers like me and that's not even the topic at hand. So, let's call it off for the day.


Link to the 2020 palindrome day

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