Off Menu, The Secret Science Of Food And Dining

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

I started listening to this Audible on a long road trip. And I was hooked. Some parts were a bit too long for my taste, but all in all, I enjoyed the lively presented information, as well as the tips and tricks to present and serve food and drinks. A slightly different display of drinks or meals can create a different experience, from the visual impact to the auditory effect. Our brains are conditioned by colors, sounds and not only smells. And so evidently, all these factor in when we like or dislike a dish/beverage. The author explains how sounds can be used to make food and drinks delicious, how smells can influence us to create a sensorial pleasure, and how one can set an appealing table and enjoy better cocktails. 

I recommend you explore the chapters of this read. I'm sure you will end up discovering at least a few things about your habits and how to plan and execute an impeccable gathering/party.

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