Let's Talk About Harmony...

Monday, March 14, 2022

Over the past few weeks, I explored the five classical elements that the ancient civilizations considered at the core and connect everything.

With this article, I am embarking on the journey of daily actions each of us can take, and maybe already is, to be more in balance with our environment.

We are one with the universe. Our surroundings shape us as much as we have an impact on them. This is why we need to be more aware of what is all around us. When we destroy nature by cutting off trees, for example, we damage a natural habitat and compromise the pre-existing equilibrium. This has consequences on us too!

Our guidelines in order not to jeopardize other species are simple: reduce, reuse, refuse, repurpose and recycle. This is what is required if we want to reach sustainability. We cannot remain the consumerist populations we have become. Our food, our homes, and even the way we travel need to be adjusted accordingly. And the human breed is not a parasite like many seem to believe. Now more than ever, we are mindful that our cities over-consume and replace green spaces with inert materials such as concrete. More and more people awaken others to consume local and seasonal products by encouraging and divulging the trend of farmer markets, multiple businesses create sustainable and up-cycled products and so many are keeping plants as... pets for company. Because in the end, "the goal of life is to make our heartbeat match the beat of the universe", John Campbell

Next week, I will share with you simple things, as taught by my peeps or stumbled upon while researching, that you can do to reduce the number of chemicals we have been used to resort to at home, and which are very harmful to the environment. Stay tuned!

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But also remember that humanity is promoting vegan nutrition style, in order to reduce methane produced by the animals agriculture, that hurts the ozone.
In another word, humans are destroying each other's nutrition needs in order to keep space for using chemicals and industrialisation.

A vegan nutrition style does not necessarily push for industrialized foods. Being in balance with nature will guide us in what we consume and when 😉

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