January 31. Sleep

Friday, January 31, 2020

I don't sleep much since I was born. My parents have repeatedly told me how they used to create new ways to make me fall asleep as an infant... and it would only work on me for a limited period of time. Very often, a couple of days later, I would have noticed the pattern and would do the impossible not to fall asleep when they resorted to it. I have since aged, and I do sleep some but very irregularly. I suffered from insomnia at times. And I sometimes sleep very little. Somehow my body keeps managing to refuel to go on. I am very much aware that the best and healthiest diet in the world would mean nothing to my body if I keep enduring bad sleeping habits. So here it is: I am making it a point to get into bed at a certain time almost every night in order to get the much needed rest. This doesn't mean I am witnessing a total success rate. I am far from having created the ideal sleeping routine. I know I am working on it and I will soon get there. Good night folks!


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