January 30. Nutrition

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Some of my friends say I am the most organized person they know. Yet when it comes to my own nutrition, I am the most chaotic there is. For many years, food was not of any interest to me. I used to eat to survive. And then my best friend made me fall in love with eating... to the extend of becoming a foodie! Can you imagine that? Now, how can a someone who loves food be so anarchic when it comes to having regular food intake? It's quite simple. Food remains a luscious auxiliary. Not a primary need to me... especially, when compared to others. In itself, it is something I highly value. I do enjoy food ever since that day when I changed camps, back in the late 1990s. It's just that I value a book or work slightly more. And so, if I'm immersed in reading a good story or in resolving any kind of a problem, food becomes the last thing on my mind. And this is not a healthy behavior. So, in 2020, and after my birthday, I have decided to walk out of my comfort zone and I headed to a dietician who was recommended by my friend. And now, I am following a strict food diet coupled with a regular weekly work out to regain my mental and physical strengths back. No more food cravings at 3 am. Or any other time of the day or the night for all that matters. Long live healthier habits :)


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