January 24. Road Repairs

Friday, January 24, 2020

It's a bright sunny morning. I send the driver at work to collect some document from the bank. A while later, when he is still not back, I text him whether everything is ok. And I start receiving the same scenery from several sources: a water truck, collapsed in a giant hole on the sea side main road in Beirut! I'm shocked for about 1 minute. And then I remember the incompetence and corruption of many contractors, who prefer to embezzle public funds rather than execute public works to the best possible. It is a pity that, a nation like ours, who exports first class engineers to all continents, is not even capable of having a proper network of roads with no bumps and no potholes! The craters like the one in the picture are a real shame! Especially, after there was a first one in the early morning and the way should have been closed and traffic diverted to avoid an additional casualty... How do you expect transportation flows to be efficient with ways that are in such a poor state? Yes, I know, we are not the only country suffering from poor routes and luckily on this day, no one was harmed in this accident. Will this raise the attention of our government and trigger some action in this regard?

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