January 23. The Piano

Thursday, January 23, 2020

I have been considering adding a black Baby Grand piano to my living space. True, it will change the whole feel of the area. And I will probably need to get rid of the custom made coffee table in the center. Which would not prevent me from sleeping! I have to admit I had murderous intents towards that piece of wood many times... Let's drift back to the noble instrument that was my companion in my pre-teen years. Mom made us all learn to play the piano at a young age. And it was a bi-weekly ritual to attend the classes, and almost a daily practice to get those notes right... What enchanting memories! Fast forwarding to now, I can already imagine coming back from work and practicing some piano playing to appease and please my spirit. Well, yes, I haven't played the piano in almost 3 decades. And that's a long time. I'm not even sure I still can read the notes. But they do say, you never forget playing. And even if I did, I would surely host musical evenings to the glee of our ears and minds!


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