The Six-Spot Burnet

Monday, March 6, 2023

The temperatures are rising as we get closer to spring. And so it was time for me to go for a stroll in nature and oxygenate my lungs. I enjoy the peace nature provides and the calm energy the trees and the chirping of birds manifest. A few meters into the park, I identify this fella, barely moving. Its sight transports me to childhood, and I cannot hold back a smirk. My friend suggested removing it from the pathway to avoid having someone stepping on it my mistake. And so we did, before resuming our walk. But I couldn't wait to get back home and research that beautiful insect 😁


The six-spot burnet is a day-flying moth. It is commonly found throughout Europe, except in the Scandinavian and Russian North. It is also present in Syria and Lebanon. It can turn up in meadows, sea cliffs, and areas rich in grass and flowers. The bright red of its wings signals to its predators, such as lizards, that when attacked, it will emit a poisonous substance to defend itself. In this case, it is cyanide. We were lucky to see it in the first days of march as it usually overwinters as a larva. Its presence is a sign that summer is rapidly marching towards us, and indeed it was quite warm in the sun.

This beauty felt comfortable walking on my friend's finger as it was moved away from the alley. It was not in a hurry and we were both happy to observe it for a few moments. It is not very often that one can take pleasure in noticing such a beautiful creature, with its flamboyant red spots. On another hand, spiritually, moths represent the end of something, new opportunities, and insight for a smooth transition. They are the "cousins" of butterflies. I previously wrote about butterflies. You can read the previous post here. And in the end, just like Aristotle claimed: "in all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous"...

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