Wednesday, February 5, 2020

It's simple. To any book lover, hoarding books is not really hoarding. Some of us do tend to buy a lot of them, and end up not reading them. And maybe reading wasn't the intention while acquiring the book anyway... I was born during the Lebanese Civil War in 1978. Electricity was sporadically rationed. We did not have the technologies that are available to kids of today. And the moments where we did enjoy a normal childhood, going to school and enjoying summer vacations, I would rather spend my free time exploring dirt paths in some mountain or immersed in a book I would sometimes randomly pick from the shelves in my parents homes. I am currently surprised I had the patience, and apparently the curiosity to dip into encyclopedias, atlases and dictionaries. An insatiable reader, the best gift I could ever aspire to receiving would be a book. It still is to date. Any kind of book. I would spend hours and sometimes days, oblivious to anything happening around me, visualizing what I was reading about and enjoying myself tremendously. My experiences with books of any kind push me to also gift books, sometimes my own, to the people that matter to me. Today, I long to having reading moments, not related to work, where I would just focus on what I would be reading and forget about everything else but the story at hand...

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