On Encountering Multiple Monarch Butterflies

Monday, April 24, 2023

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I wrote a short post on butterflies and their spiritual meaning a year ago... Then last Friday, while taking in the scents and peacefulness of the Caracol Park, I spotted a Monarch Butterfly. I was happy because as you might have read in the previous post (see here), I believe butterflies are one of our spiritual connections to our ancestors. My phone was charging so I couldn't catch it and I didn't think much about it as I continued my stroll and listened to the nearby waterfall. My mind is rarely at rest and I was reflecting on many things in the forest. Suddenly, I sensed I should look up. And 4 or 5 monarch butterflies were circling the trunk of a tree a few feet away. I watched them as they flew toward me, flying around for about 30 seconds before they flew away. By then, I felt something was happening. But what? I consider butterflies a sign of change, rebirth, and generally a good omen. As I was lost in my thoughts, my eye caught a ray of light on something blue. I looked up again and there it was! A blue Monarch. In all its splendor. Hadn't that light glimmered on its wings, I wouldn't have noticed it. Mesmerized, I observed it for several minutes. It came close to my face and I didn't dare to move. It was at that moment that I received a message and the vibration of my phone startled me. Mom was calling me and my move made the butterfly fly away. It was after hanging up that I realized I had received a message about my friend's mom passing away. I felt relieved for her as she had been suffering for some time and sad for my friend because we are never ready to say goodbye to our cherished ones...

Monarch butterflies have a deep spiritual meaning. And even if people in the Americas are used to seeing them, their migration journey is a once-in-a-lifetime event to them: this trip requires several generations before a "super breed" sees the light to complete the trip back south when the weather gets colder. These beautiful creatures happen to arrive in Mexico on Dia de Muertos, which is an important festival in remembrance of the deceased. That explains why Mexicans and many others believe that monarch butterflies are a symbol of the spirits of the elders. The Hopi tribe in the US considers that they bring health and longevity. The Hopi perform a butterfly dance to encourage rain to come. Many other people have faith in the coming change that monarch butterflies signify, their strength and endurance, especially when one considers their dangerous ways up north and back south to more temperate climates. It can also be a sign to trust one's journey, even when we fail to see the end result. This is a clear connotation to accept our spiritual evolution, to notice a connection to angels or loved ones who have gone to a different dimension. You might think this is all hocus pocus. Or not. I'm convinced that spotting a monarch butterfly is about remaining hopeful for the coming change, leaving my doubts behind, and never giving up. I am not a quitter. I just aspire all the more for internal peace. And maybe those butterflies were just showing that. Because the next morning on my very long ride, I kept seeing clouds in the form of angels. But that's a story for another post 🤪

And what about you? Have you spotted any Monarch Butterflies recently?

A blue monarch butterfly in its splendor

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