January 20. Birthday Dinner

Monday, January 20, 2020

My birthday fell on a Sunday. I had been telling everyone I didn't feel like eating cakes and everyone had complied, from my family to my friends. I couldn't escape the lunches and dinners though. And that's ok. I love food. And food is enjoyed best when shared in my opinion. So when my friend invited me to dinner on Monday, I first finished work, then did train quite hard and was finally ready to enjoy some food at 8:45pm. As it was rather late and most restaurants close their kitchens around midnight, nothing to do with Cinderella nor her pumpkin / her coach, we decided to go to Sô, which wasn't located very far from where we were meeting. We both didn't feel like eating too much and shared the meal.

You can read my review of it on Zomato here.

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