January 17. Writing

Friday, January 17, 2020

It's Friday evening. I had a long and busy day at work, then worked out with my trainer. I don't feel like seeing / listening to anyone for now. I long for some quiet moments away from people. As soon as I reach home, I take off my shoes and wear loose garments. Walking barefoot is awesome, right? I grant myself about an hour away from phone, laptop, and any other electronic device. I sit in my favorite spot in the living room, close my eyes and let my mind roam. Somehow I start thinking about writing. What about it? My favorite way of communicating, writing is connected to reading in my eyes. And books are a person's best friend. They open up one's horizon to a world of their own. Touching and smelling them is something I cannot express with words. It is the free visualization of stories in a sensorial and olfactory combination. How better can it get? As I drift into thinking about the next book review to write, my phone rings and I am back to reality. Some friends want to pass by but I don't feel like socializing, so we agree on meeting the next day.


Link to the Goofy writing cartoon

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