January 13. A New Initiative Is Born

Monday, January 13, 2020

It's less than a week for my birthday, which falls on a Sunday this year. 2 years ago, on my 40th, I had launched a "How Can I Help You Today/Tonight" campaign that is still ongoing. Evidently with some interruptions. Check my personal Facebook timeline if you wish to read these posts. How long will I keep it? Simple. As long as people request it. So far, every time I purposefully have a break in my posts, friends and/or followers ask me if everything is ok and when will I resume in action. And I keep going. The first year, I just asked the question. Relentlessly. On year 2, I decided to start adding an inspiring quote to the question every day... until October 17, 2019. On that day, we, the Lebanese people, took the streets. And that's how the various quotes accompanying my daily question started being related to revolution / rebellion / uprising. As I drive to work, I keep thinking of that campaign and how to raise its bar. And then it hits me. How about I ask people, not how they could help me, but rather how would they challenge me? Let's see what inspirational ideas will come my way!


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