January 10. The Full Wolf Moon

Friday, January 10, 2020

It's almost 11pm. I am driving towards Baskinta, where my friends are setting up their cameras to shoot the Wolf Moon. I make a mental note to research the denomination as soon as I arrive. I know that wolves are nocturnal animals and I can't reasonably make the logic behind the name. There are several full moons during the course of winter. Why is this one, in January, called a Wolf Moon? Do wolves only howl in winter? They do seem to look up when howling but that's probably for acoustic purposes. As my car slightly drifts a bit too wide on one of the curvy mountain turns, I focus more on the road and I notice the temperature is very close to zero. It is important to arrive to my destination with a running, undamaged car. I smile as I remember the days when I used to drive a small sports car... and I am, once more, brought back to reality at another drift. Focus! My senses are on full alert. My body is fully awake as my eyes scan the road for possible potholes and irregularities. I finally reach the meeting point, greet everyone... and a cat rushes towards my car. I laugh. That poor thing is cold and wants to feel the warmth of my car's engine. As we stand in silence, observing the skies, a fresh light wind makes me realize that I am not appropriately clothed and that I need to be careful to avoid catching a cold. I listen to nature for a few more moments, set my friend's camera to take the picture you see at the start of this post and look up the skies once more. The moon is partially covered by white, fluffy clouds swiftly in motion. I decide to return home.. and do some research on the name of that beautiful moon that lights my route all the way back.. If you wish to read more on the Full Wolf Moon, click here.

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