What Is A Woman?

Thursday, June 23, 2022

This 94-minute documentary was released a few weeks ago, on June 1, to coincide with the start of "Pride Month". Those who know Matt Walsh, know that he is a vocal traditional father and husband and an American conservative political commentator. He stars in this movie where he asks different people, from different cultures and backgrounds, "What is a woman?" This question might seem like an easy one to answer. All through Matt's wanderings, the viewer realizes that this seemingly simple subject is in fact quite touchy and complex. If one thinks biologically, a woman is an adult human female. But the issue at hand runs much deeper. The current left-wing transgender movement claims that being a woman is not just having XX chromosomes. You can be born in a body that does not reflect who you are, be it male or female. And this is presently shoved down the faces of children, who are becoming confused about their gender. The storyline tackles allegations such as transgender persons are more prone to suicide and that transgenderism concerns very few people in reality.

What I find baffling is that real feminists are not sounding the alarm to enforce our biological reality... I am a woman, and happy to be one. I don't judge others and they are free to lead their lives as they see fit, as long as they don't force me to adopt their perspective. I cannot help but observe the rise of the pressure put on children not to admit their biologically assigned genders, based on how they were born, but to reflect on what they sense it is. How can a child know that?! How is it possible that in their fight for equal rights, women have been tricked into accepting a narrative where drag men are taking over key powerful positions in politics, the board rooms of corporations, sports competitions, and also Hollywood?! This is providing these trans men dominion over biological women. The abomination is that by accepting this trend, we are vouching for or silently approving that women are being pushed out of society and that unhealthy, morbidly obese women are being championed in the name of inclusion and freedom of speech and thought. And we still observe body-shaming when it comes to men. How can we let that be? We refuse that nature is binary and we abide by double standards!

Several weeks ago, the president of Disney general entertainment content, Karey Burke, was asserting that generation Z is queerer and therefore the upcoming productions should reflect that by appointing more gay lead characters. A whole controversy ensued as Disney shareholders suggested getting back to the business of storytelling instead of wasting their time and money on such political stances. This came a few weeks after the state of Florida issued a bill limiting LGBTQ+ discussions in school. It is good to be reminded that humankind was created with male and female counterparts. They are both necessary to its survival. Pretending that the future will be enhanced when a flagrant minority imposes its views on the much much larger majority in the name of equality and basic civil rights is a calamity for humanity. How about we let Nature be and stop playing Gods for a moment? I am not saying the few who do have issues with their biology should not address them. It's about time though to stand up for what is right and stop being pushovers for a specific agenda, regardless of and beyond genders, and in my opinion, there are two of these, not 60, the color of our skin, or physiognomy... because in the end, the binary system or structure some people reject is actually what holds it all together. For, even computers and hence artificial intelligence (AI), are based on binary combinations. Think of that next time you approve of a feminist being jailed for three years in Norway because she tweeted that a biological man cannot be a lesbian and saying a man even if transgender cannot be a mother!

Humanity is at a crossroads. And there is no middle ground to be placing oneself at. It is a fact that life's force, the yin and the yang, is based on duality. The concept of yin and yang is itself woven in the natural order. Playing on relativism is just an illusion that many of us hide behind. There is no personal truth or relative one(s). Our species is becoming more and more unable to connect or love one another, and is cultivating the personal ego. Love is absolute. Just as much as God is. The divine, whatever you want to name it, cannot be subject to the ego. All the current decadence we witness might very well be leading us to the terminal stage of capitalism. And it might very well be the end of systems we have been acquainted with for centuries, like banking, which some qualify as cannibal now. Could this be the eve of a centrally controlled and surveilled One World Great Reset system that will replace the old? What would this signify for us, humans?

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As usual, amazingly written.

But frightening and interesting at the same time!


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