The Recruit

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The series aired less than a week ago and I already received 3 notifications and several friends told me to give it a look... So I told myself, why not? A tale of spies and agencies, taking place in several countries. I thought it would be interesting to relax after work. I have so far watched 4 of the 8 episodes. But my attention is not quite captivated. Owen Hendricks, the lead character, is a young lawyer on his first week on the job at the CIA. He stumbles upon a graymail case that looks serious enough for him to start traveling around, the USA and the rest of the planet, in order to set things straight and avoid a big mishap for the agency. The rookie agent is all over the place and makes mistake after mistake. All well-intentioned of course. In a general atmosphere where most "employees" show no overt patriotism and who don't really care about ethics or legality. The third episode made me understand what the Lebanese were hyped about: part of that storyline takes place in Beirut, Lebanon and for once, my birth country is not depicted in a horrible way or depicted as a terrorist/rogue state. Yeah well. The plot remains generally slow. And I kept wondering, will Owen be able to pull it through? You might want to stream this series to find out ... or decide to read a good book instead.

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I also found it refreshing that the depiction of Beirut/Lebanon was (mostly) in par with reality.
I agree that the portrayal of CIA or any other government agency as lackeys with little to no ethics and patriotism is disconcerting, but it's fiction, so there's that.

I’m more and more convinced that governments have no ethics and no patriotism…

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