The Black Vulture... A Sign For Death Or Rebirth?

Monday, April 17, 2023

Link to the Urubu picture here

Spotting a black vulture in the Americas does not only happen when you go on a hike in the wilderness. This scavenger bird can indeed be seen in some tropical cities and does not seem to avoid humans. Rather small in size for a bird of prey, the black vulture, or Urubu as it is named in Brazil, can still be imposing in its stature. It feeds on decaying animals and small reptiles, cattle, or rodents. It is a gregarious bird and settles in large groups. If its habitat is close to where humans live, the Urubu will not be very shy and will forage in dumpsters and garbage. The role of such creatures is essential to the ecosystem as it clears out decaying remains that might be a breeding ground for diseases.

Culturally speaking, the black vulture is considered an emblem of death in Christianity. But its resilience to survive in harsh environments makes it a figure of rebirth and renewal. It can indicate that you are at a stage of your life where you need to persevere to overcome challenging events. In many cultures, black vultures are a token of purification and cleansing because they don't get ill from what they eat. They are seen as a benevolent energy that can comfort and guide in uncertainty. Seeing black vultures repeatedly can be a sign for you to trust your intuition and have more insight. Native Americans see the vultures as a symbol of balance and harmony...

Next time you encounter a Urubu will you think of it as a connection to the divine with a powerful spiritual message for change or sense danger and or grief looming over you? 

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