Kuwait - Weekend Getaway

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Once again, I was headed to the Gulf. This time, I was curious to discover Kuwait City. I had boarded a Friday night MEA flight for a long weekend with friends... in furnace. Yes, yes. When temperatures soar above 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, I need to be in a refrigerated environment or else I am like a fish outside the water. I had mentally prepared myself though. Ever since I had been to Doha, the first time in August of 2002, I had visited Qatar and the UAE several times and knew what it felt like when temperatures were technically above 50 degrees C.

The heat in Kuwait City turned out to be bearable as it wasn't as humid as in Doha or Dubai. The visa upon arrival took quite some time to be processed. Meanwhile, my friends were waiting outside and we headed to the Grand Avenue Mall as soon as I got out: we were all in dire need of some refreshments. And food ;) We waited for the sun to set, as it was still Ramadan and anything related to food and beverage was closed when we reached the Mall. Most of the shops were deserted. They would soon be buzzing with people.

Over the next days, I enjoyed visiting two different museums for islamic art and calligraphy. I also visited the Aquarium and also went to some other smaller malls. Just for the sake of getting out of the apartment. One cannot do much outside of these huge refrigerated boxes... I will let you enjoy the pics that speak for themselves. To be noted that the pictures were taken with an old phone and have not been treated with any filter.

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