When we were kids, one of our favorite toys was a kaleidoscope. What is that? The kaleidoscope is an optical instrument made of mirrors that reflect objects in a symmetrical pattern. The colors and the shapes amazed us and enticed our imagination.

This section simply represent a wide array of colors on cultural, traveling and fooding explorations.

Would you like to join me on my discoveries and sightings? Come along and enjoy the ride :)

At The Old Train Station...


October 11, 2013. This was a graffiti exhibition at the old train station in Mar Mikhael.


Kuwait - Weekend Getaway


Friday July 18 till Monday July 20, 2014

Street Art - LB


This is a collection of graffitis and art spotted across various streets in Beirut and other Lebanese cities / neighborhoods.

Multicolored Gardens


Mom has always had a "green hand" as they say: she is capable of planting a stick and have it bloom...

Here is a collection of her flowers and plants over the years.

Thanks Mom for constantly reminding us that our bond with nature is crucial and for instilling in me the love of natural colors as a necessity of life!