January 26. The Black Mamba

Sunday, January 26, 2020

I keep my mobile close at all times because it's one way to stay in touch with the teams abroad. Suddenly, notifications from all the news app I have start buzzing. Living in a country located in a boiling region, it's always best to be informed if and when something is happening. Reading the alerts, I couldn't believe my eyes! Kobe Bryant had passed away in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna, 13, six family friends and the pilot. I paused for a second and reflected. Life is truly fragile and hangs by a thread. The basketball player was 7 months younger than me. And he was dead. Just like that. I am not a basketball fan. Nor was I a fan of his. I remember how I got his book "The Mamba Mentality. How I play" for my friend and my curiosity to find out more on this athlete who fascinated and inspired millions around the world. I found out that after being accused of non consensual sex, Bryant decided to adopt the alter ego Black Mamba as he was inspired by the Tarantino movie, Kill Bill. As a matter of fact, the black mamba is considered the deadliest snake in the world and a super swift retaliator. And this is what Kobe said he becomes on court... RIP champ, my favorite Kobe Bryant quote remains: "We don't quit, we don't cower, we don't run. We endure and conquer"... Indeed.


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