Growing Your Gold Crest Shrub

Monday, July 4, 2022

I planted this shrub about 2 months ago and I seriously hope it's not going to die on me. I suspect too much watering has caused it to grow black on its lower part...

The name of this tree is due to the lemon scent that becomes perceptible when you stroke its foliage lightly with your fingers. Although it sustains warm weather, this tree tolerates colder temperatures much better. It requires quite a few things to thrive correctly and grow:

- its soil needs to be well-drained: it enjoys water but not too much of it

- cold winter winds are to be avoided

- no pruning is required. Although you can shape it to your preference, keep in mind that it might not grow back if you cut off too much of it. A gentle trim is all you need to do

- it can be grown indoors and outdoors. Keep in mind, that it needs at least 5 hours of daily sunlight

- it can be infected by many pests. Make sure you identify the insect correctly for an adequate treatment.

Happy gardening to you and good luck to my little one!

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