Fox Facts & Symbolism

Monday, May 15, 2023

Picture from Pinterest / Video courtesy of @naturaytural

The idiom “crazy like a fox” means in fact that while someone might look foolish, they are actually shrewd and cunning. No wonder the “personification” of Robin Hood in the famous Disney anime was … a dashing and jovial red fox who stole from the rich to feed the poor. And in 2023, this movie is turning 50! In real life, foxes are cute-looking omnivores that live in several regions of the world. In some areas, foxes have been pushed out of their natural habitats and made their dens in urban zones. So when they have trouble finding food, they go for scraps in trash cans. Those small mammals are social and you would be able to spot them or even come closer to them at times. They have exceptional hearing and can run pretty fast. In England, fox hunting is a popular “fun” sport since the middle ages that is also practiced in other countries.

As for the symbolism behind foxes, some people believe they have magical powers because they are slick. They represent independence, cleverness, and playfulness. This makes them popular spirit and totem animals. Encountering a fox in real life is believed to be a sign of financial wealth and positive upcoming changes in one’s life. Fox spirit offers wisdom, guidance, and protection. Even if multiple cultures perceive foxes to be tricksters and manipulators, some others, like the one of Ancient Mesopotamia, consider the fox to be a divine messenger, or simply a mastermind who gets things done creatively. In Chinese culture, foxes are shapeshifters and the legend has it that the fox appears as a woman, the vixen, who deceives men to get their spirits… The bottom line is, foxes help us navigate through the spirit world. Spotting one, or more, at night, is nothing extraordinary, since they are nocturnal creatures, and could be interpreted as a call to connect with your emotions. Now, when you see a fox in broad daylight, doesn’t appear to be happening by chance. It might be your cue to listen to your gut…

So have you seen any foxes recently?

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