Fatal Seduction

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

I was feeling a bit bored. Which is a very rare state for me. I started browsing Netflix for a limited series or a movie. And Fatal Seduction kept being suggested to me. So I decided to check it out. The storyline takes place in South Africa. The first episode is launched with a couple making love and the spectator hears a sultry woman's voice say "Sex. Fornication. Fucking. It’s a compulsion. A primary urge". And then, it all went downhill as the plot had a sense of déjà vu to it. I kept it running the series while playing with my cat or even doing some sudoku on my phone. At one point, I even researched similar series and it turned out that Netflix had aired "Dark Desire" between 2020 and 2022, where a woman spends an intense and hot weekend away from home, a tragedy ensues, and things get complicated for her and the people in her life...

Fatal Seduction aims at being a thriller, with twists in the narrative that can keep you interested enough to watch. Nandi Mahlati is a law professor in Cape Town and is increasingly frustrated with her husband, Judge Leonard Mahlati. Her best friend Brenda takes her for a weekend by the beach and urges her to have some fun. Nandi meets Jacob, a much younger man, and things start to get complicated with the murder of Brenda after her departure... It is ironic to find out how people who pride themselves in being irreproachable are the ones who indulge in infidelity and revenge. Such acts bear severe consequences on themselves and the people dear to their hearts. And while the facts get unraveled through the episodes, I ended up thinking the show was ok but not outstanding. So to sum it up, it's good the number of episodes was limited, and maybe it could have been fewer with the same entertaining outcome.

Verdict: watch if you have nothing else to view on your list.

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