The 2020 Jar of Thoughts

The 2020 Jar of Thoughts

We all get bombarded with quotes and positivity messages at the turn of a new year. Where in my eyes, December 31 and January 1 are days just like any other day, one quote I got to read a couple of times within the 24 hours, not intentionally mind you, got me thinking... It read: "Today is the first blank page of a 366 page book. Write a good one". Hmm. Stumbling upon the same quote several times within 24 hours sounded to me like too much of a coincidence.

And so, I started wondering what initiative could I start to make a proper use of those simple words. Writing a book could be an option. However, not for this year. It is still on top of the bucket list of things I want to do. 2020 being a leap year, I couldn't help but remember with a flashback that terrible flight where I had to watch some Irish-American movie on some Irish custom related to February 29. I shiver in disgust. Let's not digress. So that is also eliminated -pfff, lucky me! I can't possibly waste my time digging up leap year customs, that are probably ridiculous in my eyes, and write about them. Or maybe I could. I just don't want to :)

In the end, and since I don't work on January 1 and it was a cold wet day I spent mostly cozily at home before going for a car ride, the idea of creating this page crossed my mind. It's fairly straight forward. It is NOT going to be another collection of positive thoughts. Let's be very clear on this one. This Jar, since I found the idea of a jar cute and in a way resembling to the jar I use to collect wine bottle corks, will simply be a selection of thoughts, events, maybe some feelings too that will cross my path during 2020. If you know me a bit, you certainly have heard me say: "I don't like even numbers". I really don't. And 2020 is too much of one. I'm surely not going to spend it ranting every day. I promise to keep it to one idea a day. Well mostly that is. Curious to find out more?

January 31. Sleep


Yesterday, I wrote about nutrition.

Tonight, I am thinking of sleep.

This is another health concern...


January 30. Nutrition


I'm so chaotic when it comes to my own nutrition.

It's not healthy. And I am already witnessing some health issues.

How shall I address this matter?

January 29. Quaintrelle


It's a Wednesday evening.

After a long day at work, I can't wait to be home.

I just want to sit and let my mind wander...

January 28. Stammtisch


Jetzt schreibe ich mal auf Deutsch.

Mal sehen, wie es raus kommen wird...

Bitte Verständnis dafür haben, dass ich schon sehr lange nichts auf Deutsch geschrieben habe :)

January 27. Friendship


As I start my week, I am simply grateful to all my friends, who are always supportive and just a phone call away.

I am truly blessed and thankful to each one of you!

January 26. The Black Mamba


It's a shock.

Kobe Bryant just passed away with his daughter Gianna.

What a loss...

January 25. Chinese New Year


It's time once more for celebrations that last a fortnight... not the game, the number of days!

January 24. Road Repairs


It's winter time. And it has been raining heavily in the past couple of days.

Our infrastructure lacks maintenance and proper outlines in general.

Here is what happened today...

January 23. The Piano



What an elevated way to reach the soul!

And some instruments, ah...

January 22. Wanderlust


It's time.


To plan for some traveling...

January 21. Moon Hours


Sometimes I ride out at night and try to immerse myself in the mysteries of the skies, away from people and light pollution.

In those moments, the moon looks sort of magical...

January 20. Birthday Dinner


My friend wanted to take me out on my birthday.

I said yes. And so we met in Ashrafieh after we both finished our sports trainings.

Read on for the review of the dinner.

January 19. My 2020 Vision Board


It's my birthday.

I'm turning 42 today. Yey!

What special activity can I undergo today?

January 18. House Deco


True. I am interested in beautifying spaces.

No. I didn't study architecture nor interior design. I almost did and then studied something totally unrelated.

What I actually found out decorating my home, which is an ongoing project still, is that I enjoy it, and that my visitors have all been impressed with my ideas...

January 17. Writing


This evening, I let my mind wander. And I end up thinking about... writing.

Quite interesting. I don't write professionally. I haven't written any academic paper in ages now.

So what about my writing activities?