The Iron Witch

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Many years ago, this cover caught my eye at a fair. The artwork is simply beautiful. Looking at the back for the synopsis, I was intrigued enough to read the "Making of" this novel at the end of the book. And acquired it. I later bought the second part of the trilogy, "The Wood Queen". I stopped there. Couldn't bring myself to purchase "The Stone Demon". Going through "The Iron Witch", I was captivated by the fantasy and the adventure. What can I say? I enjoy reading about elves and plots. It relaxes my mind from the daily stress and the real world. The light suspense kept me interested and longing for more. Even if at times, I sensed boredom creeping in: you know the drill with the main character losing both parents in a horrific accident and after that being outcasted by others. There is nothing new there. So many books follow that same storyline and yet this one is not as dull as one would expect. It is written simply and can be read very quickly. From the myriad of paperbacks one has at disposal, I would choose a different read unless you want to relax your brain and not think much while doing so. Alchemy, fantasy, and action blend quite well in the narrative; both books were easy reads. There is no special layout in either of them, and the scenes are quite predictable. You will still enjoy a smooth time going thru the tales this summer. Enjoy!

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