On Vibration And Spiritual Growth...


Our bodies are bundles of energy.

It comes then as no surprise that frequencies and vibrations impact us.

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Cleansing And Charging Your Stones


After exploring which stones are associated with each of the 7 chakras,
let's find out how to cleanse and charge them.
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Chakras And Stones


Now that we have explored the 7 chakras and several stones and crystals,
it is time to combine the info and look into the best association.
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Kundalini Energy 101


What is Kundalini?

Does it have any benefits?

Is it dangerous?

How to make use of it?

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Basics About The 7 Chakras


This month is all about popularizing gemstones, chakras, and balance.

The Advent Calendar revealed crystals and stones.

It's now time to discover the basics about the chakras in this post!

Once In A Blue Moon


What is a blue moon? How often does it occur?

Does it hold a particular spiritual significance?

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The Forty Rules of Love


By Elif Shafak - narrated by Laural Merlington

11 hours 34 minutes

Day 327 of Year 3


If we learned anything by now, it is definitely that the greatest wealth is health. Because your body knows more about your spiritual well-being than your mind does. Teach your mind to listen to it…

Day 261 of Year 3


After a very long day, I’m satisfied and finally able to chill…

Day 228 of Year 3


As I was chilling in my garden today, I couldn’t help but think of many things, one being what is currently happening in Lebanon…

Day 149 of Year 3


The adage states that energy flows where the intention goes…

Day 15 of Year 3


I woke up to 2 beautiful messages from friends...

So I'm sharing some of the quotes related thereto