Simple Yogurt Cake


This recipe might originally be French.

It is straight-forward in its making.

Read on for the details!

Coconut "Failed" Dessert


I was trying to recreate my childhood favorite dessert that mom used to treat us with, no-bake coconut balls.

I failed miserably... and transformed the mixture into a cake by adding a few ingredients.

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Simple Apple Cake


This is an easy to make yummy dessert.

You only need a few ingredients.

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Strawberry White Chocolate Chips Cookies


Another strawberry recipe that you are going to love!

I discovered this last week and had to try it and the result did not disappoint one bit.

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Tiramisu.. With A Twist


Combining my love of Tiramisu and strawberries.

The result was apparently quite tasty since everyone had a second serving

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10-Min Tiramisu


Time for a popular dessert that takes literaly no time to be prepared.

Salivating already?

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Fruity Cold Cake


My apologies that this post was delayed by a day.

This might look or sound a tad complicated but it's an easy cake recipe.

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


Another recipe for a yummy dessert or snack.

Read on and follow the instructions to bake the best chewy chocolate chip cookies you have ever tasted!

Lemon Blueberry Cake


August is the month for blueberries and lemons. This recipe is amazing when you have these simple ingredients. I harvested the necessary from my garden 😋

Easy Bake Carrot Cake


Craving a treat and lacking the time?

This easy bake carrot cake can be ready within a little time only.

Read on for the recipe!