Dating For Expats: The Fab, Hot and Single Woman's Handbook To Finding Love

Saturday, August 3, 2019

I connected with Junaline a couple of years ago and was immediately drawn to her smile and the warmth she oozed. We didn’t meet in person till several months later and stayed in touched ever since.

In her book, Dating for Expats: The Fab, Hot and Single Woman’s handbook to finding Love, Junaline makes use of several of her tools as a Life Coach and shares her own love journey to make it more palpable to international women like herself about embracing their difference from the cultures they encounter while manifesting and attracting the committed relationship they wish for, if they did.

June, as we endearingly call her, breaks it down to helping the reader figuring out their needs, their wants and the reason(s) for wanting a specific relationship. The exercises are pretty simple and straightforward yet they require that one pause and write down the answers. Most importantly, and this I have been learning for the past decade on my own, self judgement is a thought we need to master in order to be able to comprehend our rooted fears and go beyond them into the deep exploration of one’s inner self and grasp the growth and change one aspires to.

This book is a short and easy read. I would recommend it to any woman curious about finding the answer(s) to the recurring doubt: if I’m so great, why am I still single? You can also connect with Junaline through her website should you wish to delve more into her world that is so fascinating and helpful to many out there. Happy reading!

Check out Dating For Expats on Amazon.

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